Our Story



I keep honey bees. My business is The Wright Apiary, located in St. Croix, USVI. I been keeping bees for more than fifteen years and while most of us are aware of the importance of honeybees to our food supply through pollination, I approach it a little differently.

(Indeed, Albert Einstein, the physicist, is credited with saying something to the effect that if all the bees were to disappear from the earth then in four years, so would mankind. )

Working with honeybees, learning about and from them is the bases for tremendous respect and appreciation for the model for living together as individuals and within a community they reflect.

That coupled with the recognition that all things share the planet in fact and purpose sets the stage from which The Wright Apiary approaches all of its activities.

Over the years I ve experimented with developing beeswax based products – soaps, lotions, balms, etc., but for the past five years have focused on developing value added products from honey, most notably, mead or honey wine, aptly named “Crucian Mead”, honey mustard vinaigrette called “Fruit, Greens and Other Things” Dressing, and a Honey Vinegar that can be used alone over a salad or, as some people have been known to, simply take a teaspoonful a day because it taste good.

All of our products are locally made on St. Croix from as many local ingredients as are produced here. Our Honey Vinegar and Honey Mustard have as their base one hundred percent local raw honey along with whatever spices we need that are locally grown. Our meads are made from all local fruits, (Yellow Plum, Carambola, Passion Fruit, Guava, Mango and Suriname Cherry), that have been nurtured by Crucian sunshine and showers, selected for perfection and picked at the peak of ripeness.

Then they are then individually blended with herbs, spices and honey for sweetness and flavor. Finally they are slowly aged to achieve a balance of body and bouquet. Oh, by the way , lore has it that during mid-evil times of arranged marriages to join families and land, newly weds who often met for the first time at their weddings, were sent off with a month (one moon) supply of mead (honey wine) giving rise to our modern day tradition of the honeymoon.