Our meads are made in the US Virgin Islands from local fruits nurtured by “Crucian” (St. Croix, USVI) sunshine and showers, then selected for perfection and picked at the peak of ripeness. Our meads are individually blended with herbs, spices and honey for sweetness and flavor and allowed to ferment naturally.

They are slowly aged (at least two years) to achieve a balance of body and bouquet.  Ours are “melomel” or fruit based meads that may be served as a digestif – desert or after dinner wine, blended with other drinks or juices, or used to add that special accent to a favorite dish or recipe. Your taste will agree that Crucian meads are clean, clear, smooth and simply elegant.


Volume/Size ,Pricing, (Shipping not included):

500 ml $ 38 US

250 ml $ 20 US

Flavors/ Fruit base)

Yellow Plum Mango

Suranam Cherry Carambola (Starfruit)

Passion Fruit Guava

Availabiltiy/ Annual Release

5000 ml (100 – 500 ml bottles , assorted fruit- years 2010 -2011)

5000ml (200 – 250 ml bottles, assorted fruit – years 2010-2011)

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Honey Mustards

Our honey mustard is a savory blend of herbs and spices combined with Virgin Islands honey and locally made raw honey vinegar. it is a versatile garnish that adds lively sweet tangy accents to fresh fruit or mixed green salads. It brings out the piquant when used as a drizzle or to add a glaze to cooked veggies, meat or fish dishes. it also serves well as marinade before cooking , a seafood cocktail sauce or to enhance your favorite appetizer.

Flavor Variations: Mild or Zesty