Cruzan Mead

For those of you who may not know what mead is, it is also known as “honey wine.”  It is fermented honey and water, and the flavor can range from sweet to dry, depending upon the age and the ingredients added to the mead. Meads may be still, carbonated, or naturally sparkling, and they are served at all temperatures, from room temperature to chilled.

Wanda adds local fruits and spices to her meads, and she has six different varieties available – carambola, suriname cherry, mango, Yellow Plum, passion fruit, and guava.  It is important to note that these are not flavors – the mead carries only the lightest essence of flavor from each of these ingredients. Rather, each added fruit juice to the original honey prior to being created into mead adds notes of distinction to the final product.

Wright Apiary meads are recommended to be served at room temperature or slightly chilled, before or after dinner.  They make a delightful drink just for sipping while watching a beautiful St. Croix sunset as well.

Available Sizes: 500ml, 250ml, 50ml, Variety Pack | Flavor Descriptions

Honey Mustard

Our honey mustard dressing is a Savory blend of herbs and spices combined with Virgin Islands Wildflower honey and locally-made raw honey vinegar.

It is a versatile garnish that adds lively sweet and tangy accents to fresh fruit or mixed green salad it brings out the piquant when used as a drizzle or two add glazed to cooked veggies meat or fish dishes.

It also serves well as a marinade before cooking a seafood cocktail sauce or to enhance your favorite appetizer.

If you’d like to purchase and try Wright Apiary meads, the best way to find them is by contacting Wanda Wright directly.  She can be reached at (340) 277-6727, or (340) 718-2142.  Wright Apiary honey (not mead) is also sold at ARTfarm.